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Ensign Insurance Brokers Private Limited marks its entry into Indian Insurance Broking industry with an aim to provide Quality Services to its clients across all segments of Insurance, by being Reliable, Accountable & Transparent throughout the process of insurance broking.Trust, is what we ensure with our stakeholders, may it be the client who place his faith on us to ensure that he is adequately protected or an insurer who see the risk he underwrite through our proposal. We commit ourselves to do the right things always.

Ensign, as it's name indicates believes in setting standards built on our core values that include Trust which is the resultant of the Professional Ethics we practice in Sales, Customer service, Claims Consulting and Risk Management .We will be a friend, philosopher and a guide while suggesting a solution to our client thereby ensuring a personal touch in all our client interactions. We have always put the client ahead of us thus offering our services in Fast, Fair & Friendly manner thus creating a long term client relationships.


“To be, the Trusted and Preferred Insurance Broker in the field of Direct Life & General Insurance Brokers by demonstrating Quality, Integrity & Transparency across all activities, thereby adding value to both Client & Insurers.”


To build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers by understanding their needs and providing solutions to exceed their expectations

At Ensign, we bring the technical and domain expertise to evaluate and understand the complexities involved in any risk of our clients and to offer the most appropriate insurance solutions structured for your unique needs. Our Spectrum of Services to your requirements range from Life & Health Insurance, Employee Benefits, Property Insurance, Transit Insurance, Project Insurance and Liability Insurance.

Ensign is



For our clients transactions with the Insurers by ensuring highest standards in Customer service



In understanding the risk of our clients and proposing appropriate solutions through exhaustive coverage Terms



By ensuring that the client makes informed decisions to choose from the variety of covers that are available in the market and ensure the client is informed about the policy performance periodically.

We strive hard to create a relationship and harder to maintain the relationship for a long term.

Risks, we Insure. Trust, we Ensure.


The word ‘Ensign’ stands for ‘Standards’ which we want to benchmark for ourselves and differentiate from peers in the market, throughout the process of Insurance Broking, be it proposing the right solution to the requirements of our clients or ensuring the clients are adequately protected from the uncertainties that may prevail.

By having our vision to be the most trusted Insurance Broker in the industry, we will give all that is required to be the most Reliable, Accountable & Trusted partner to our clients.

Ananth Rama Krishnan.S


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