Liability Insurance

We provide number of options available in respect this every increasing risk exposure and make things simpler to customers.These are somewhat complicated insurances which we try to make it simple for our customers while taking care of customer’s interest totally.With legal awareness being on rise and corporate frauds being on ever increasing trend, these policies provide protection against unexpected huge exposure.Understanding the customer’s requirement happens to be of paramount importance which we excel in.We help in finalizing the Best of insurance covers for minimum premium. We also help Insurers for better understanding of risks and negotiate for better terms.Below given are some of the most commonly sought after policies in respect of Liability insurances

It pays for liability of the Insured Employer as per Workmen Compensation Act/Employee Compensation Act for the personal injury sustained or disease suffered by the employee during the Course of Employment and Out of Employment.The policy can be extended to cover liability as per Common Law or Fatal Accident Act.

Liability Insurance

We simplify things for clients by providing solutions to reduce their risk exposure. These are sophisticated insurances that we aim to simplify for our consumers while fully protecting their interests. With increased legal knowledge and business wrongdoing, these rules defend against unanticipated big exposure. Understanding the customer’s needs is something we excel at. We help you choose the best insurance coverage for the lowest rate. Listed below are some of the most popular liability insurance plans.

Workmen Compensation Act/Employee Compensation Act is liable for personal damage or sickness experienced by an employee in the course of employment and out of employment. Extended liability coverage under the Common Law or Fatal Accident Act.

Public Responsibility (Act) Insurance covers the insured’s liability of people who own, control or handle certain named hazardous chemicals towards third parties for bodily injury, death, or property damage. This insurance is required for those mentioned above.

Public Liability (Industrial Risks) Insurance for owners of factories or products in depots may be held liable for mishaps originating from their commercial activities.

Public Liability (Non-Industrial Risks) Insurance covers the risks of hoteliers, clubs, auditoriums, offices, schools, hospitals, etc. to third parties. Hotel-supplied food and beverage, swimming pool and entertainment risks are also covered.

This coverage is available to professionals such as doctors and architects. The Policy protects these Professionals’ responsibility to their clients for professional errors, omissions, or carelessness. (Professional negligence claim) This coverage is available to individuals and corporations. The coverage can be issued as ‘Errors and Omission Policy’ to any business institution, including hospitals.

Professional Indemnity is comparable to Errors and Omissions. It protects the organization’s financial interests against claims of negligence, mistakes, omissions, or unlawful actions in the execution of professional tasks for a charge. It includes negligent or malpractice actions. An insured’s negligence or unlawful conduct or that of any other person to whom the task is outsourced and for which the insured is legally accountable to its consumers.

This insurance covers the Insured’s compensation obligation for injury, death, damage, or pollution resulting from the use of defective goods. Only physical property hazards are mentioned here. However, identical risks can be covered for delivered services (like any repair work etc-Completed Operations). It is only when it has departed the insured’s premises that it becomes liable.

This coverage protects against physical harm, property damage, advertising injury, personal injury (libel & slander), etc. Personal Injury encompasses discrimination, non-employee harassment. Bodily Injury includes Emotional Anguish Infringement of trademarks. The coverage can also cover completed operations, rental premises, medical expenses, pollution, etc.

The policy shields Directors and Officers against claims of wrongdoing while in office. This cover is ideal for Directors and important executives who make decisions. Directors and executives may behave in ways that violate specific legislation or Indian laws during their responsibilities.

Any effort to break any Indian laws or responsibility might be considered wrongdoing. The insurance also covers losses originating from claims brought against Directors or Officers for improper acts committed in their official position.


This insurance protects organizations against liabilities and expenditures coming from data theft or loss, as well as breaches of data security or privacy, especially when hosting client data. Insurance also provides access to cyber incident response professionals, crisis communication experts, and legal experts to help handle the financial and reputational consequences of a breach.

This insurance covers financial loss as well as the services of a Crisis Management Agency and security specialists to handle the crisis on behalf of the policyholder. Includes kidnapping/alleged kidnapping, extortion, wrongful imprisonment, hijacking and includes ransom money, loss in transit, consultant costs, 24/7 expert assistance and defense costs.