Miscellaneous Insurance

We help in finalizing the Best of insurance covers for minimum premium. The type of crop insurances in respect of loanee farmers depends upon the National Crop Insurance Programme/Scheme and adoption of the same by State Governments for different crops and districts. However, Non-loanee farmers can go for any type of insurance as per their choice Apart from National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (NAIS) which is serviced by Agricultural Insurance Company of India (AIC), the following are the major types of crops insurance in vogue in last couple of years

Weather based crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS) covers loss due to variation in various weather parameters such as Rain, Humidity, temperature, etc. The compensation is fixedseparately for variation of each unit of agreed weather parameters during different periods. This operates somewhat on Input cost basis. Modified National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (MNAIS) operates on expected yield basis and hence pays for variation in yield. Perils covered here is much wider and includes pests and diseases. Losses during pre-sowing and post-harvest period is also covered subject to certain conditions. Pradhan MantriFasalBimaYojana (PMFBY) announced during 2016 focuses more on Income/Revenue following Area approach. This policy also offers cover in respect of Pre-sowing and Post-Harvest risk

Miscellaneous Insurance

We help you figure out which insurance policies are the best for the lowest wages. Some of the best available miscellaneous insurances are listed below:

The kind of crop insurance provided to loanee farmers depends on the National Crop Insurance Program/Scheme and its implementation by state governments. Non-loanee farmers can choose whatever sort of insurance they choose.

Agricultural Insurance Company of India (AIC) administers the National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (NAIS).

Various meteorological characteristics such as rain, humidity, temperature, etc. are covered by WBCIS. The compensation is set for each unit of accepted weather parameters across time. This works on an input cost basis.

The MNAIS pays for variations in production since it is based on predicted yield. Pests and illnesses are included in the list of dangers. Pre-sowing and post-harvest losses are also compensated under specific circumstances.

The PMFBY introduced in 2016 focuses on Income/Revenue following Area strategy. This insurance also covers hazards pre-sowing and post-harvest.

The policy covers theft of property after forceful entrance or theft after forcible escape from the covered premises. Loss due to theft without forced entrance or leave may also be covered.

Money loss in transportation owing to any reason (all risk cover), including cash carrier employee infidelity. Money lost at the counter during business hours due to robbery or hold-up. Money was stolen from a safe after hours due to burglary or housebreaking

Direct financial losses incurred by firms owing to employee infidelity and dishonesty in their responsibilities.

Unexpected damage to fixed plate glass resulting in glass breakage. Specialty glasswork such as moving glass, framed glass, and embossed glass can also be covered.

This policy covers sudden Fire, theft or unavoidable occurrences damage Hoardings, Glow Sign Boards and Neon Sign Boards.

Damage to covered property caused by any cause saves those specifically excluded. Fire, Lightning, Flood, Storm, Impact Damage, Burglary, Riot & Strikes are examples of covered causes/perils. This policy is ideal for portable equipment/items used outside of the office. Coverage can be in India or Worldwide.