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Motor Policies

Package / First Party/Comprehensive Policy which takes care of loss or damage to insured vehicle due to accident, theft etc apart from third party liability as per Motor Vehicle Act

T P Liability Policy which takes care of liability of insured for the third party injury/death or property damage caused by negligence

  • 2 Wheelers
  • Private Car
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Special purpose Miscellaneous vehicles like mobile canteen, ambulance, etc.

Note: Two wheeler policies can be purchased for long term i.e. up to maximum of 3 years thus one can avail discount in premium, save oneself from possible increase in premium and also save oneself possible risk of running the vehicle without insurance thr’o oversight.


  • Expenses Reimbursement Policy to take care of hospitalization expenses including Pre and Post hospitalization expenses apart from host of other inbuilt benefits.
  • Hospital Cash policy which pays fixed amount for each day of hospitalization. This helps in covering up/compensating all other additional expenses. This can be taken in addition to Medical expenses reimbursement policy and thus helps in total protection.
  • Critical Illness Policy which offers pre-agreed lump sum amount after the insured member is diagnosed with specified critical illness for the first time after taking the policy. This helps individuals with reasonable amount in hand for them to take any type of treatment anywhere as per their choice.
  • High Deductible Policy to take care of expenses beyond one’s own capacity to finance medical exigencies (Beyond self-insurance). Claims are payable beyond the agreed limit of admissible medical expenses in each hospitalization.
  • Top Up Policy which acts as secondary layer cover for amount beyond any other cover available in primary policy, like over & above the medical cover provided by Employer to Employees in Group Medical Policy.
  • Super Top Up policy a hybrid variety of High Deductible policy and Top up policy which take care of expenses beyond one’s own capacity to finance medical exigencies. Claims are payable beyond the agreed limit of admissible medical expenses, taking in to account all hospitalization claims during the entire policy year.
  • Group Medical Policy which can be completely customized to the requirement of Group, Employer, Association etc.

Personal Accident

This policy pays pre-agreed lump-sum amount in the event of insured meeting with unforeseen Accident which may result in any of the following.

  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent Total Disability –Loss of two limbs, Loss of one limb and one eye etc
  • Permanent Partial Disability- Partial but Permanent disability as per the schedule in the policy
  • Temporary Total Disablement- Weekly compensation for compensating the loss of earnings if the injured person is not able to attend to his/her normal duties and confined to home.

In all the above cases, lump-sum amount as agreed is paid, if the above are solely caused by Accident and if the same have occurred within specified number of days after accident.

These policies also cover Medical expenses including out-patient treatment, funeral expenses, compensation for broken bones/fracture, transportation of mortal remains, children education fund on gratuitous basis, etc.

The Group policies can be customized to the requirement of Customers.


Travel Policies (Both Domestic and Overseas) cover host of travel related exigencies including medical exigencies, Personal Accident, financial emergency etc.

Some of the common benefits in the Travel policies are as under:

  • Medical Expenses-Inpatient & Outpatient
  • Dental treatment
  • Repatriation/Transportation of mortal remains
  • Hospital Cash Allowance
  • Total Loss of Checked in Baggage
  • Delay in arrival of Checked in Baggage
  • Loss of Passport
  • Personal Accident
  • Personal Accident-Common Carrier (Public passenger vehicle-Bus/train/flight)
  • Personal Liability toward third parties for negligence
  • Financial Emergency (Loss of Money)
  • Hijack Daily Allowance
  • Trip Delay
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Curtailment
  • Missed Connection

Note: Travel Policies are also available for Students visiting abroad on Students Visa for entire period of their studies. Benefits do include Sponsor Protection, Bail Bond, Study Interruption cover etc.

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