Employee Benefits Insurance

We help in finalizing the Best of insurance covers for minimum premium.

Employee Benefits Insurance

We help in finalizing the Best of insurance covers for minimum premium.

Group Health insurance provides significantly better benefits than individual health insurance. Employees or group members do not require a medical checkup, waiting periods for existing diseases can be waived off, premiums are lower, maternity expenses or corporate floaters can be added to the cover.

In group insurance policies, the risk is spread over a large group of individuals and that helps reduce the premium cost due to the economies of scale. However, the premium can be highly variable for group health insurance due to claim ratio and number of employees/members added to or removed from the cover.

You can customize the policy according to your needs. You can add more benefits apart from the basic policy provisions already available in any mediclaim policy. For example, parents can be covered, day care treatments can be increased, accidental cover rider and maternity benefits can be increased. This flexibility allows the group health insurance to be tailored to your budget with your specific requirements

Covers accidental death, permanent disability and temporary total disability. It also covers medical expenses linked to accident.

It is possible to have varying sum assureds for different companies. Coverage can vary by grade, designation, profile, salary and marital status.

Add-ons are available to cover education expenses for children in case of parent’s death

Life cover with flexibility in choosing the plan, offer secure income in event of disability and flexibility to increase the amount of coverage at key stages of life like marriage and child birth.

It is possible to have multiple sums assured in the policy. Coverage can vary by grade, designation, number of dependents, marital status, profile and salary.

Policyholders can increase the sum assured of the members during the year due to salary hike, promotions or any other valid reasons, but the definition for the cover should not change for the group

Investment of gratuity fund in unit linked investment portfolio will reduce business costs. A good plan will help you reward your employees well without a financial impact on your business.

Group Gratuity Schemes pay gratuity benefits and can also provide a death benefit for employees.

The annual gratuity contribution by an employer is treated as expenditure while calculating tax; Income from gratuity is exempted from tax up to the limit specified and subject to conditions under section 10(10)

Cover for different situations which include trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical issues and loss of luggage or any other personal belongings.

Offer international business trip policy as well as multi-trip business travel policy