Engineering Insurance

We also help Insurers for better understanding of risks and negotiate for better terms.Below given are some of the most commonly sought after policies in respect of Liability insurances. Policy is specially designed to give financial protection to civil engineering contractors in the event of an accident to under-construction civil construction. It also covers third party liability that may arise due to accidents at the construction site. Covers liability that may arise from the damage of owner’s surrounding properties due to ongoing construction activities. Flexibility to pay premium in quarterly or annual installments The policy requires that the sum insured should not be less than the total value of the erected property including freights, custom duty, and cost of construction with minor adjustments that may vary due to increase or decrease of wages or prices at the time of policy

Engineering Insurance

For insurers, we assist them in better understanding the risks they face and negotiate favorable terms. Listed below are some of the most popular liability insurance plans.

Covers civil engineering contractors financially in the case of a civil construction mishap. It also covers third-party responsibility arising from building site incidents. Covers damage to neighboring homes caused by current building operations. Option to pay premiums quarterly or annually

The amount covered cannot be less than the whole worth of the built property, including freight, customs duty, and building costs, with minor modifications owing to wage or price changes at the time of insurance acquisition.

Covers storage, testing, maintenance, and commissioning at a plant or equipment engineering facility. Engineering All Risk plans may also cover professional expenses for work restoration.

Covers a third party’s legal obligation for physical injury and property damage caused by an accident at work. The premium is based on the project type, length, excess choices, and insured amount. If the coverage is for more than 12 months, premiums can be paid monthly.

Coverage- All physical damage to a contractor’s equipment is covered by CPM insurance. This covers unintentional mishaps and natural disasters like tree falls and storm damage. This includes repairs or replacements of impacted equipment while at work or rest, on any third-party job site, or whether disassembled or reassembled for maintenance.

Extension- In the case of an accident, many CPM insurance plans provide optional extensions to cover unexpected expenses. Damage to the owner’s property, air or express freight for new equipment, and debris disposal.